excepts money orders, personal checks or ( use cart buttons) for order payment on art pieces. Shipping is USPS, first class, insured and usually runs from 20 bucks for small orders to 50 plus for larger orders. Shipping and insurance is included in the listed price. Unfortunately we cannot ship certain pieces carved from or containing specific materials such as post 1971 Marine Mammal Act walrus ivory, whale bone or baleen. These regs may be researched via NOAA or CITES. Photos are for reference and similar pieces will be custom made. Wait time depends on the level of difficulty in acquiring available art medium such as bone or ivory.

 Wholesale discounts are available for return customers on an individual basis. wishes to develop long lasting relationships with  clients. All purchases are guaranteed to customer satisfaction and lifetime repairs to damaged pieces on a case by case basis.
Make postal payments to:
Robin Thomas
PO Box 397
Nome, Alaska 99762
disclaimer: Although original and unique, finished pieces may not be identical but very similar to the displayed pieces.
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